About Integra Baby

For over a decade I have worked alongside my family and team to bring you baby, toddler and preschool carriers of the highest quality.

Having carried all three of our children, I absolutely understand the benefits that carrying your child bring to the whole family unit.

I am thrilled that you choose integra for your family.  I love to hear your stories – and look forward to you sharing them with us.

Our parenting decisions have never mattered more.
Our parenting purchases have never mattered more.
Integra stands for the future
We believe that, with the right choices, we can nurture our babies and our planet.

Our design is fundamental and durable and made to exceptionally high standards.  Our design means that our supply chain is small. We source elements carefully with much attention to ethics and carbon emissions..

The integra instruction booklet is printed using vegetable inks, recycled card/paper and carbon neutral couriers. Integra offers fair working conditions, proudly supporting our staff through parenthood and family life.

All integra carriers are made in Somerset, UK.  We are continually mindful of our carbon footprint.  Our packaging is intentionally minimal – resulting in light and compact packaging.  We take our responsibilities to the environment, and each other, consciously.

Sadler Family

Integra are produced in the UK.

We design, check and pack all Integra by hand in the UK.

Sarah Sadler has been producing top quality and responsible baby carriers since 2011 and has been working within the babywearing industry since 2006. The brands produced by Sarah Sadler are consistently the top choice for parents who are looking for quality, comfort and style as well as a product with true longevity.

At Integra we believe in connecting with our community, and we actively support sling libraries, community events and community fundraising efforts.

Our fully trained team is on hand and ready to help with any queries you have.