There are lots of reasons to love June: the seemingly endless evenings, the explosion of life all around, the knowledge that summer is just round the corner with even grey days finally shaking off the winter chill. It is a time to cherish being outdoors and to immerse yourself in nature whenever and however you can – and the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge is the perfect excuse to try something new.

If you have a tiny person in tow then babywearing is the perfect way to get out and about in nature – and to really connect with your baby as you enjoy getting wild together. It can give you the freedom to focus your attention on older siblings too – there are lots of fantastic ideas for Random Acts of Wildness you can enjoy together in the 30 Days Wild pack, available instantly by email if you haven’t got round to signing up yet! 

For us the first week of June has mainly been spent taming some of the wildness that has sprung up in our garden in our two months away: clearing weeds to plant our veg patch, finding new homes for some weird and wonderful bugs, and choosing the perfect spots to sit and enjoy the nature on our doorstep. 

It has been a brilliant way to ease back into life at home, and a great reminder that whilst our surroundings here may be familiar they are none the less beautiful for that.

Orson has so enjoyed spending time outdoors, alternating between sitting in the grass and being carried around in the Integra. He has watched as his brother has climbed trees and filled bird feeders, and napped as I have dug over ground ready for planting.

With growing concern in wider society about how little time our children spend outside it has never felt more important to find as many ways as possible for them to connect with nature: after all it is not only their health and wellbeing that depends on it, but the future of our planet as a whole.

We would love to see how your Integra is helping you get out into the fresh air with your wild ones – please comment below or email your pics to