One of the brilliant things about this trip is the variety of places we’re getting to visit in such a short space of time: from idyllic mountain retreats to bustling beach resorts, from ancient villages to vibrant cities.

The city we’ve been hanging out in this week has been Barcelona. Some very good friends of ours moved there almost ten years ago, and we try to get out to visit them whenever we can – so naturally we needed to work a visit into this adventure.

We arrived by ferry from Ibiza, which was a first for me. There is something especially exciting about coming into a destination by boat, and it set the tone for a fab few days.

I’ve been there so many times before that there was no pressure to do the normal touristy things – we were free just to enjoy the city, and the Integra was perfect to enable us to do that.

We walked a lot, through busy crowds and over cobbled streets, and wearing Orson meant I could focus my attention on Arthur. He really enjoyed exploring – there was a sense of familiarity from his previous visits, but they were a while ago so it was sort of like discovering everything for the first time too.

One of the things he was super keen to do was to take a ride on the cable car that glides high above the city. I had been looking forward to seeing Orson’s face as he took in the views, but he decided it was time for a nap.

That meant though that he was full of energy when we got to our destination: from where we were staying near Montjuic the cable car was the perfect transport to get to the beach, and the fabulous swimming pool alongside it, one of my favourite spots in the city which the boys loved too.

He napped again afterwards when we stopped for lunch, leaving me free to enjoy a plate of sardines and a caña.

Aside from catching up with our friends whenever we could we mainly let Arthur set the agenda, and one of his favourite spots was the local playground in Poble Sec. Whilst he scrambled around the equipment I took Orson for a gentle go on the swing. So many giggles!

On the day we were due to leave, we took a day trip to Tarragona – we were taking an evening ferry, and needed to charge up the batteries in the van which had spent a few days locked up in a secure carpark.

We’d planned a beach day, but the weather wasn’t great so we took the chance to explore the Roman ruins instead which turned out to be awesome, from the ampthitheatre with its incredible location right by the sea to the Circus with its winding staircase up to spectacular views over the old town.

Catalonia was our last spot in Spain after a magical couple of weeks – we’re seriously considering a permanent move there ourselves! Next stop is Sardinia. The forecast is for the return of the rain, but hopefully that won’t slow us down too much…


Sophie is travelling in Europe for eight weeks with a VW campervan, two small children, and a collection of Integra baby carriers. You can read weekly updates about their babywearing adventures here, and find out more about what they’re up to over at Raising Revolutionaries