One of my favourite things about wearing my baby in the Integra is being able to look down and see his little face – and knowing that whatever I’m doing he is safe and secure, and close enough for me to be able to respond as soon as he needs me.

Sometimes he’s sleeping, his soft head resting against my chest. Sometimes he’s looking out at the world, his wide eyes soaking up new experiences whilst his body is nestled against my own. And sometimes those wide eyes are looking back up at me, watching my facial expressions as I watch his.

Whatever he’s doing, I reckon the view I get when I’m wearing my Integra is pretty much the best view in the world.

Here at Integra HQ we love to see your pictures of babes enjoying their Integras – and we especially love the wonderful portraits that come from the unique point of view it gives you. It got us thinking that maybe we could create a photo series celebrating all of these beautiful babies and the connection you share with them when you wear them in your Integra…

If you have an image you would be happy to share then please email

We can’t wait to see them!