There’s no mistaking that summer is here, this year bringing with it long balmy evenings and scorching hot days that we normally can only dream of in the UK. It also means that festival season is in full swing! And thanks to Integra there is no reason why you can’t enjoy your favourite festivals, even with babes in tow.

Last weekend saw baby Orson’s very first music festival – Glas-Denbury in Devon. Somewhat smaller than its more famous namesake, but lots of fun nonetheless!

Babywearing was the ideal solution for navigating the fields with a tiny one, both around the campsite and in the festival arena itself. There was so much to see and hear that it could easily have got a bit overwhelming, but snuggled close in the Integra Orson had the very best vantage point to soak it all in.

In the heat of the day the Solar Integra was great to help keep him cool – coupled with a pair of silk harem pants which made an awesome lightweight cover-up and helped him look the part too.

We took plenty of breaks from carrying to avoid overheating, and when he was in the sling Orson had easy access to the boob so that he could keep well hydrated.

As the evening set in and the sun became less intense the Integra was the perfect place to nap – giving him the opportunity to recharge his batteries so he could be wowed by the light shows that were everywhere once it got dark.

Eventually he did completely zonk out: and with the baby safe in the sling and his big brother tucked up in his cart Leigh and I were free to enjoy the music and some grown-up conversation before heading back to the van.

Festivals nowadays may be a very different experience to the ones we remember from our pre-kids days, but they are still one of my very favourite things about the summer – and I love that babywearing helps us enjoy the magic as a family!

Are you going to any festivals with your Integra this summer? We would love to hear about your adventures. Comment below or email

And whatever you’re doing this summer, make sure you follow the Integra Warm Weather Carrying guidelines to keep you and your baby safe and cool.