As summer fades away and leaves change from green to orange, the autumn weather in the UK brings with it a new range of challenges for safe and comfortable babywearing. 

When the sun does make an appearance it can still be lovely and warm, but more often than not there is a distinct chill in the air – and a very high chance of rain, whether or not it was in the forecast. 

So how do you make sure you leave the house prepared for whatever the weather throws at you? Here are some of our top tips to ensure that you don’t get caught out.


Layer up

Layers are key with babywearing, and in the changeable autumn weather this becomes even more important. Remember that your Integra acts as a layer in itself, and you need to factor in your body heat too.

You might be worried about your baby getting cold, but actually it’s over-heating that might be more of a problem. The easiest way to quickly check your baby’s temperature is to feel the back of their neck: they should feel warm and comfortable, not cold (or even cool) or hot (and especially not clammy). If you’ve layered up effectively then it should be fairly easy to adjust what you and your baby are wearing to maintain a safe temperature. 

Be especially wary of bulky jackets or snowsuits when you’re babywearing as they hugely increase the risk of overheating and make it harder for air to circulate safely.  

Consider a cover up for you and your baby

Whether you borrow an oversized hoody or jacket from your other half or seek out a specially made babywearing coat, layering up on top of your Integra can be a great option.

You only need to dress your baby in the clothes they would be wearing inside, and it is much easier to take an outer layer off than removing your baby from the sling if the temperature rises – or in fact add to their clothes if it cools.  

As well as babywearing coats to protect you from cold or rain there are also a range of covers available to slip on over the top of your Integra and protect your baby from the elements – and again these are easy to slip off when they’re not needed. The built in hood will help provide some protection for your baby too! 

Just make sure that any external layer doesn’t prevent you from getting a good view of your baby and doesn’t restrict air circulation in any way.

Don't forget your umbrella

Even with a cover up it can be tricky to fully protect your little one (and yourself) from torrential rain – but fortunately it’s way easier to carry an umbrella when you’re not negotiating a pram!  

Keep an eye on extremities

Whatever options you go for you will want to make sure that heads, hands and feet are protected from rain and cold – warm and/or waterproof hats, gloves and booties are easy to find, and can help give you peace of mind as you go about your babywearing day. 

It can be tempting at this time of year to slide into hibernation, but it is always important for you and your baby to get lots of fresh air and daylight when you can. With just a little bit of extra preparation, the Integra is the perfect way to stay active – whatever the weather brings.