Picture the scene: you’re rushing to leave the house – you’d started with plenty of time, but then the baby needed a feed and your eldest couldn’t find their PE kit. Then after you’d popped upstairs to change a nappy you came down with the baby in the carrier to find the toddler had taken his trousers off and was trailing toast crumbs through the hall. You manage to get them all sorted and out into the car, checking belts and strapping into seats. You take a deep breath and shut the door firmly, only to hear a crunch: the straps of your baby carrier had been dangling down and one of the buckles got caught in the door.

Once the biggest two are dropped off at school and nursery you have a chance to inspect the damage. There’s a crack running through the middle of the buckle and the end is squished out of shape. Definitely not safe to use. You hoist the baby on your hip and head for the nearest café where you get online and log straight into your favourite babywearing forum to find out how to repair it. But it turns out you can’t. This particular buckle is sewn into the webbing, so replacing it is not an option. Time to look for another carrier, then…

Sound familiar? Whether your baby carrier has been in a battle with a car door or an over-enthusiastic dog there is little more frustrating than losing your most invaluable piece of parenting kit, especially after you’ve looked everywhere for the perfect design to carry your little one.

With the Integra Baby Carrier, however, this problem is no more! Both the waist and shoulder buckles are easily replaceable, meaning that you should never have to replace the whole carrier if one of life’s eventualities occurs.

Not only is this great for you, it’s great for the environment too. We do everything we can to ensure that your Integra is as ethically produced as possible, carefully sourcing all elements and taking our responsibilities to the environment very seriously. The inherent durability of the Integra is an important part of this, meaning that it will withstand intensive use for as long as it fits your baby – and beyond.

As strong and durable as the buckles are, though, it’s probably best not to shut them in the car door as it is one of the few things they really don’t like…

But you can rest assured that if one of your buckles does meet a grisly end you don’t need to say goodbye to your Integra! And that can only be a good thing.