As long as you’re dressed for the weather, winter can be a wonderful time for getting out and about with your baby. The crisp, cold air is the perfect antidote to all that central heating, and the winter light makes the world look particularly beautiful.

When you’re wearing your baby, they are perfectly placed for you to experience nature together. Being held close to your body helps to regulate their temperature (and keep you nice and cosy too) so that you can really slow down and appreciate all that the winter landscape has to offer.

The freedom the Integra gives you means you can navigate terrain even the most rugged pushchair would struggle with, and get up close to notice earth’s little wonders together.

I really cherished walks with my son when his spoken language was just beginning to emerge: with his face so close to mine I could see his eyes light up as he spotted something new, and together we could find the words to describe the things we saw. With smaller babies too there is something very special about sharing that narrative, both spoken and non-verbal, as you explore nature together, setting up a love of the outdoors which will last long beyond babyhood and the toddler years to when they are off exploring independently.

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