The summer holidays are in full swing, and apart from a bit of a blip last weekend the weather in the UK is truly glorious – the perfect conditions for family adventures! Living in the South West we are surrounded by beautiful places to explore, and recently we managed to tick one we’ve been wanting to visit for ages off our bucket list: the spectacular Saint Michael’s Mount near Penzance in Cornwall.

It was definitely somewhere that would have been extremely challenging to explore without Orson in the sling, and I was grateful for my Solar Integra to help keep him cool and protected from the sun.

The adventure began with a boat ride – a short trip across to the tidal island in an old wooden launch. I was a bit disappointed that we were there at high tide so would not get the chance to walk across the causeway, but both my boys loved the added excitement of a boat trip – the big one especially!

Getting from the tiny harbour up to the castle involved steep cobbled paths and plenty of steps – I appreciated the support of the Integra and the fact that I had my hands free. Orson as usual enjoyed looking around us, trying to keep up with his brother who was racing on ahead.

It was definitely a bit of a workout, but worth it for the view from the top. Arthur loved peeking through the battlements and imagining the cannons firing at attacking ships below, and the clear summer skies meant we could see for miles.

Inside the castle was brilliant for exploring too: generations of history in carefully preserved artefacts, all with fascinating stories attached.

On the way back down towards the sea I switched Orson to ride on my back, which made it just a little easier to keep an eye on where I was putting my feet!

He soon drifted off after all the excitement, leaving me to enjoy the boat ride back to the mainland with Arthur, watching a steady flow of people wading through the receding tide as the causeway began to be revealed. We’re already planning a return visit so we can join them next time.

What’s on your UK bucket list? We’re always on the lookout for new ideas…