With less than a week to go till Christmas, here at Integra HQ we are feeling more and more festive by the day.

There is so much fun to be had – but there’s no denying that Christmas brings challenges too, particularly with a baby in the family. The Integra can help you cope with the extra demands and breaks in normal routine whilst enabling both baby and parent to have their needs met and enjoy this special time of year together.

Here are five of our favourite festive things to do whilst wearing your Integra:

1) Putting up decorations

Babies love to stare at the bright colours and twinkly lights of the Christmas tree, but they are not necessarily the most helpful companions for getting the house beautifully decorated for the festive period.

Safely up in the Integra, though, they can be part of the experience and allow you to be fully involved in one of the more pleasurable tasks to be done at this time of year.

2) Getting crafty

Whether you’re crafting on your own or with other children, babywearing is the best way to make sure that the youngest member of the family doesn’t feel left out when your energies are focused elsewhere.

The Integra is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time whether you’re sitting or standing, meaning that you can throw yourself in to those festive makes without worrying that your baby is being neglected.

3) Winter walks

Whether in the crisp cold of the countryside or enjoying one of the many events organised in towns and cities at this time of year, the Integra keeps your baby – or toddler – safe and warm whilst you are getting out and about.

For keeping you both cosy in the cold, providing solace in a crowd or just resting little legs, the Integra is hard to beat.

4) Family gatherings

Getting together with family and friends has to be one of the best things about the Christmas period, but it can be incredibly overwhelming for tiny people.

By wearing them in the Integra you can be sure that they will take comfort from you in busy, noisy rooms – and that they are less likely to be passed around unfamiliar laps which can be unsettling for you both.

It also means that you don’t have to leave the party when bedtime or naptime draws near – most babies love snuggling down for a sleep in the Integra and you can continue to make the most of the social occasion.

5) One little tipple

Of course many of those occasions around Christmas time will involve alcohol, and while we’re not suggesting that you should over-indulge it is absolutely fine to allow yourself to enjoy a drink whilst you are wearing your baby.

In fact once they are safely strapped in to the Integra you will have two hands free for that glass of champagne and the canape or mince pie that goes with it – a rare commodity as a parent!

However you choose to spend it, here at Integra we would like to wish you a very happy festive period. And of course we would love to see your pictures of you and your little ones enjoying the celebrations!