One of our favourite Integra Baby ranges is our gorgeous selection of Harris Tweeds – and if you’re looking for a sling that will see you through the winter in style it might just be the perfect choice.

Harris Tweed is 100% pure virgin wool, dyed, spun and handwoven at the home of an island weaver in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. With low impact production and reliance on natural minerals throughout, Harris Tweed is a truly ecologically sound textile. Biodegradable, VOC absorbant, non-allergenic: Harris Tweed is a fabulous fabric for you and your baby.

Here are just some of the reasons why it is especially well suited to this time of year:

It’s supremely practical

We sometimes hear from people who are considering a Harris Tweed Integra that they are worried it might not be very hardwearing or easy to keep clean. But this couldn’t be further from the truth: the lanolin in the wool naturally repels moisture and dirt, meaning that it copes brilliantly with rain showers and outdoor adventures. Personally I have found that our Harris Tweed carrier is my first choice for forest school days or winter hangs on the beach, and it has shrugged off mud, leaves, wood smoke and sand with ease – in fact it still looks as good as new!



You will most likely find that your Harris Tweed Integra very rarely needs anything other than a spot clean, but if you do need to launder it you will find specific guidance in our care guide.

It’s comfortable in a range of temperatures

One of the difficulties of babywearing in the winter months is that we are often switching between extremes of temperatures. You need a carrier that will cope with both biting winds outdoors and the cosiness of central heating  – and Harris Tweed does that job effortlessly.


Photo credit: Integra Baby


Because wool is a natural fabric it is breathable, and its temperature regulating qualities mean that it is not only as snuggly as you would expect outdoors but it also stops baby (and you) overheating when it’s warm. And of course this has the added advantage of making it a great go-to carrier all year round – whatever the weather.


It’s super versatile


Photo credit: thatdannysavage


As well as all of the practical points above, the gorgeous designs of the Harris Tweed fabrics complement a wide range of outfits and occasions. Whether you go for a tweed in muted neutrals or one of the more vibrantly coloured weaves it is both smart and down to earth, and for that reason proves a firm favourite with babywearing mums and dads alike.


Photo credit: How to Dress a Mama


There is currently a wide selection of Harris Tweed Integras available for preorder in all three sizes in our online shop, and a few in stock for immediate dispatch. They would make a fantastic Christmas present for friends or family – or perhaps even a festive treat for yourself.