We love working with other ethical babywearing companies to bring you the most beautiful baby carriers, using fabrics which not only look stunning but which also mould to your child’s shape to give them maximum comofort and support. In this blog series we aim to tell you a little more about the companies behind the collaborations.

Ali Dover‘s love of babywearing began with her second son, and she developed a passion for woven wraps after the birth of her third child, a girl.

She says “I got to combine my newfound love for holding my babies close whilst indulging in my passion for beautiful fabrics. Not only that, but I realised that a woven wrap was as much about being a part of my wardrobe as it was about enveloping my daughter in cocooning comfort. I had reached my holy grail.”

Since then she has celebrated babywearing in her work as a photographer and stylist, and has begun to create woven wraps herself, with striking designs and gorgeously tactile materials.

Ali’s Hygge wraps form the baiss of some of our most popular Integra conversions, embodying the Danish concept in the cuddles, cosiness and bliss that babywearing brings.

You can find our full range of Ali Dover collaborations here.