We love working with other ethical babywearing companies to bring you the most beautiful baby carriers, using fabrics which not only look stunning but which also mould to your child’s shape to give them maximum comofort and support. In this blog series we aim to tell you a little more about the companies behind the collaborations.

Baie Slings are a Mid-Wales based family of artists, musicians and designers, with expert abilities in sewing.

Like us, they are passionate about babywearing: they have carried each of their daughters in a sling since they were newborns and love the closeness it affords.

They design their own fabric, which is woven by local weavers using natural yarns.  The combed cotton they use always ensures incredible softness, and all their fabric is professionally ‘finished’ after weaving to clean and pre-shrink it so it arrives ready-to-wear.

As a family of artists the Baie Slings vision is to create beautiful artworks and stylish patterns on their wraps: we are proud to be able to use their fabrics to do the same on our Integra collaborations.

You can find our full range of Baie Slings collaborations here. They are available in all three sizes to take your baby from newborn to preschool – and beyond!