We love working with other ethical babywearing companies to bring you the most beautiful baby carriers, using fabrics which not only look stunning but which also mould to your child’s shape to give them maximum comofort and support. In this blog series we aim to tell you a little more about the companies behind the collaborations.

Didymos has been run by the Hoffman family since 1972, when it was born out of Erika Hoffman’s discovery of babywearing as a way of keeping her young children close to her while going about her day to day tasks. Having initially been inspired by the illustrated book “Children and their Mothers” as well as a Mexican carrying cloth gifted to her by a friend, Erika was responsible, through Didymos, for reintroducing babywearing to the German-speaking world.

The company is now managed by her daughter Tina, and over the years babies and toddlers all over the world have been held safe and secure in Didymos wrap slings.

Didymos are at the heart of the international babywearing community, working to educate and support parents to carry their babies, and beyond the family unit with doctors and hospitals to help them create baby friendly environments.

Their wraps are organic, environmentally responsible, and safe enough to put right against baby’s skin.

We are proud to have a very positive relationship with Didymos, and to have worked with them on producing a number of very special wrap collaborations. One of our recent favourites was the Didymos Magic Forest, an extremely rare and beautiful wrap which makes a stunning Integra. It is a perfect example of the uniqueness of our wrap collaborations which give you the opportunity to carry your baby in a fabric which is as special as they are.

You can see our full range of Didymos collaborations here, with carriers in stock to fit your baby from newborn through to preschool size.

Look out for more exciting fabrics comeing soon!