We love working with other ethical babywearing companies to bring you the most beautiful baby carriers, using fabrics which not only look stunning but which also mould to your child’s shape to give them maximum comofort and support. In this blog series we aim to tell you a little more about the companies behind the collaborations.
Firespiral Slings woven wraps are designed and woven in the UK. Their designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature that stray into both science and myth; the magical way in which we are connected to the world and its rhythms.

Totally in line with the ethos of Integra, they use small, local producers and suppliers wherever possible with ecological and ethical production methods.

Firespiral was created by Tamsin and Jen, who both have creative backgrounds: Tamsin from an architectural viewpoint and bringing her experience of transforming wraps under the guise of Violet Chameleon, Jen as an artist and art psychotherapist.

The cloth used for Firespiral wraps – and the Integra collaborations – is woven in the small mills near where Tamsin and Jen run their family business.  Their weave is specially designed to allow the threads to move within its construction; this helps the cloth to mould snugly round you and your baby.

You can find our full range of Firespiral collaborations here. They are currently available in sizes 1 & 2 for newborn babies up to toddlers, with size 3 for preschoolers likely to be back in stock very soon.