What are your go-to items when travelling with kids? For me, the most important one has always been a baby carrier – and the Integra is the perfect piece of kit to make travelling with young children as enjoyable and enriching as possible for all concerned.

It’s compact

Whether you are using it in place of a pram or stashing it in your hand luggage, the Integra folds down to almost nothing, leaving you with more space to pack all the other paraphernalia that your child might need. The Integra is not just great for babies either – if your little one is on the move, either finding their feet as a toddler or running ahead as an energetic pre-schooler, then slipping an Integra into your day bag gives you the perfect back up when those little legs get tired.

It’s simple to use

Whether you’re negotiating public transport, trying to find your way around a new city, or just heading back to the hotel after a long afternoon at the beach you need a baby carrier which is easy to put on – and which you can trust to keep your precious cargo safe and secure with minimum effort from you.


It’s fully adjustable

If you’re travelling with a partner – or even a grandparent or friend – it is great to be able to share the experience of babywearing. The Integra is easily adjustable to fit wearers of all shapes and sizes so that everyone can enjoy those magical walking cuddles.

It’s stylish

We all like to look good when we’re enjoying a family holiday, and the Integra helps with this too by enhancing the outfits you choose. The straps are unobtrusive and with a huge selection of fabrics – from the solid colours of the solarweaves to beautiful wrap conversions to striking prints – there is sure to be something to fit your style.


It makes it easy to meet everyone’s needs

One of the challenges of travelling with little people can be the break from the routines they’re used to at home. The Integra can make it easier to meet their needs – whether its providing somewhere safe to nap, allowing you to feed your baby on the go, or just cocooning them in cuddles whilst you negotiate new territory together. The great thing about babywearing on your travels is that it means having a baby needn’t stop you from doing the things you want – whether it’s a post-lunch stroll along the beach, dinner in a taverna, or hitting the local shops.

It’s made for exploring

Often the best thing about visiting somewhere new is the chance to explore, and with the Integra there is almost nowhere you cannot go. You get to enjoy the experience of navigating challenging terrain – from sand dunes to mountains to cobbled streets – and your baby gets to come along for the ride, soaking up new cultures and landscapes from the very best seat in the house.

Are you taking your Integra on your travels this summer? We’d love to hear about your adventures! Comment below or email sophie@integrababy.co.uk.