In many ways spending two months on the road with my family feels like we’re living the dream: having the opportunity to visit so many incredible places, making the most of the freedom babywearing gives us to explore off the beaten track and really immerse ourselves in new cultures and environments.

There is no denying, though, that it can be incredibly hard work!

Camping always brings a certain degree of complexity to travel – there are lots of jobs to be done, particularly when striking camp or setting up a new one but also just the day to day process of living. Preparing food, washing up, tidying, cleaning, laundry – these things all still need to be done, and operating out of a van makes them that little bit more challenging!

Add a five year old and a seven month old into the mix and things really can get difficult to juggle.

Arthur is generally pretty fab at entertaining himself whilst we’re busy with the practical stuff, but Orson’s just a little bit little to be left for any length of time. He also craves the security of having someone close when he’s sleeping, and given the amount of upheaval in his world right now that feels particularly important.

This is where babywearing has been invaluable. I mean it’s awesome to be able to explore without any restrictions, to navigate narrow mountain paths and wide sandy beaches, but it’s when we’re trying to pack up the tent and the washing up needs doing that it really comes in handy.

(Orson was not entirely convinced that this was the most fun way we could be spending our time, but at least he was safe and getting lots of cuddles.)

There are some jobs that are obviously not possible whilst wearing a baby, but there is an awful lot I am able to do safely whilst Orson chills or sleeps or feeds.

And the fact that both Leigh and I can work together to get things done, rather than one of us constantly needing to focus just on looking after the little people, means that more time is freed up for the fun stuff.

This week that’s included a few magical days soaking up the beauty of Lake Como. And that really did feel like living the dream.

Sophie is travelling in Europe for eight weeks with a VW campervan, two small children, and a collection of Integra baby carriers. You can read weekly updates about their babywearing adventures here, and find out more about what they’re up to over at Raising Revolutionaries