One of the questions we get asked a lot is what size Integra you should choose for your baby.


There are three sizes to choose from, meaning you can carry your baby from birth up to age five – and beyond! Within these there is some overlap, but you will find that moving to the next size as your baby grows maximises the comfort of the carry for you both.



Size 1 Integra is suitable for newborn babies from 7.5 lb, with the accessory strap being used to cinch in the seat when they’re tiny. You will carry your baby on your front at first, then once they can sit independently (around six months) you have the option of a back carry too. Size 1 should be comfortable for you and your baby up until they are around two years of age.



When your baby reaches eighteen months old, depending on their weight and height, you might prefer to move up to a Size 2 Integra. This has a higher and wider panel to create a more generous seat which should be suitable until your child is around three and a half. This carrier is suitable for both front and back carries. 

The Size 3 Integra has a larger panel again, and is suitable for children aged from around three to five years old. Possibly even beyond for shorter carrying moments – all Integra carriers have been tested up to a weight of 24kg. Again this can be used either on the front or on the back, though many people prefer to opt for a back carry as their child gets taller and heavier. 

For more information about selecting the correct size Integra for your child please check out our sizing guide – and don’t forget to refer to our user instructions to ensure that you are carrying your child safely, whatever size you choose.