When it’s cosy and warm inside and the rain is lashing against the windows it can be a challenge to motivate yourself to go outdoors with little ones. Sometimes, though, there is no choice – whether it’s the school run or an urgent trip to the post office there are some journeys that have to be made whatever the weather. And even if you don’t strictly HAVE to go outside it is still the very best thing for lifting the spirits – just as long as you don’t get too drenched in the process!

Getting outdoors generally has all sorts of health benefits – the fresh air, the natural light, the physical activity all help to give your mind and body a boost. Now that the clocks have gone back and the days are getting darker it is even more important to snatch those moments outside when you can, and fortunately nature has ways of making this time of year particularly alluring.

Whether you’re in the town or the countryside the trees are an explosion of colour – reds and greens and golds – and gusts of wind result in spontaneous showers of confetti. If you have a bigger kid in tow as well as the baby or toddler that you’re wearing then they will take great delight in jumping in piles of these fallen leaves, or splashing in the puddles that the rain creates. Even as a grown up there is something deeply satisfying about the changing textures underfoot as autumn properly beds in, from leaves to puddles to squelchy mud.

It is all out there for us to enjoy – as the Norwegians are frequently heard to say “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”.

When you’re thinking about getting prepared for rainy day babywearing it’s worth considering all of your options.

If it’s a quick dash outside then an umbrella might do the job – and at least if you’re not pushing a pram then you’ll have a hand free to hold it! Umbrellas aren’t great when the wind picks up though, or if you’re planning a longer expedition… 

What you really need in that situation is a waterproof coat that covers you both, keeping baby – and your Integra – nice and dry, and providing you with an extra layer of insulation to keep you warm!

One way of achieving this is by wearing your baby on your front and sourcing an oversized cagoule or zip up poncho that will fit your passenger beneath it.

Alternatively you might want to invest in one of the growing number of jackets on the market specifically designed for babywearing. These generally have a zip in panel that can be used either on the front or the back of the coat to keep your baby dry and cosy, with the added advantage of hoods for you both.

Another option is to purchase just a panel to fit into an existing jacket – or if you are handy with a sewing machine you might be able to create one yourself.

With all of these you might want to think about some additional protection for your baby, with a hat and booties ensuring that they will stay super dry however wet the weather. The hood of your Integra can come in handy for extra protection too!

As always when you are wearing your baby it is essential that you make sure they do not get too warm, and that any rain protection you choose doesn’t cover their face or restrict their air flow in any way.

It might take a little bit of extra effort to get out in the rain but it is most definitely worth it for the new dimension it will bring to your outdoor adventures! As always we would love to see where your Integra takes you when the rain rolls in. Comment below or email sophie@integrababy.co.ukwith your stories and pics.