Christmas shopping: does the thought fill you with dread or excitment?

For those of us who need to do it with our children in tow it can be very tricky to negotiate the huge crowds and the lack of space as shops cram in as much seasonal stock as possible.

Shopping with the Integra can help alleivate a little stress on the day by keeping your child close on your front or back and providing comfort to them during what will be an overwhelming experience for them too.

This gives you a chance with your free hands to hold onto other children’s hands or your shopping bags, or to rake through the rails and shelves to find that perfect gift.

I remember the first Christmas after my daughter was born, doing the Christmas shopping in our local town, trying to wade through the huge crowds to get to one shop was exhausting – I was constantly apologising for clipping others heels or the wheels of the pram getting stuck and people bumping into me.  I remember going into one shop in particular with very little floor space and a woman moving my pram away from me so she could get into the sweater rail, that was enough for me, I went home upset and exhausted with my daughter and no Christmas presents crossed off my list.

Now I would be lying if I said I didnt find Christmas shopping a tad stressful. With two daughters in tow this year it was much easier to put my youngest in the Integra leaving my hands free to hold my eldest’s hand and carry our shopping bags whilst weaving in and out of the busy crowds.  

A bonus was not having to wait in the queue for the lift because we could take the stairs!  My youngest could snuggle in when it all got too much or she was too tired, and I could chase after my eldest (who wanted everything in the shop) without the stress of clipping peoples heels.

That’s a win win for us!