We slowed right down, the last week or so of our trip.

These were days to be savoured: the long walks on newly discovered beaches, the mission to find a lake to cool us down in the heat of the sun.
Locations that were to become some of our very favourites were saved till last.
A campsite amongst towering pines on the edge of Lac de Carcans near Bordeaux, the water calm and warm and a million miles away from the blustery surf of the nearby Atlantic Coast.
A small flat in the heart of Saint Malo, a city that called us back even as we still explored its streets, surrounded by water and enveloped by the ramparts of its medieval heritage.

Leaving the continent felt surreal. We had a whole day, almost, on the boat to acclimatise, but still it was strange to know that after two months on the road we were heading home.

We were eased back into England with a wonderful weekend with friends – sharing twenty years of collective memories around the warmth of a campfire, sun drenched days spent yomping through fields to find a pub one day, a swimming pond the next.

Orson spent much of the time napping in the sling, exhausted by his adventures. His brother hitched a ride too: those five year old legs had kept up with us for around 350,000 steps whilst we were on the road, so they most definitely deserved a rest.

He wasn’t the only one either – all of our Integras were well used that weekend with friends borrowing them for their own little ones! They really are the perfect travelling companion, however near or far you roam.

Sophie is travelling in Europe for eight weeks with a VW campervan, two small children, and a collection of Integra baby carriers. You can read weekly updates about their babywearing adventures here, and find out more about what they’re up to over at Raising Revolutionaries