There are lots of situations in day to day life when babywearing is invaluable, but it really comes into its own when travelling – as we were reminded on a recent trip to Lanzarote.

It was our first holiday as a family of four, and we decided to travel without a pram – we anticipated that many of the places we hoped to visit when we got there would be much easier to access with our four month old in the Integra, and we already had plenty of luggage without any additional baby kit!

It made things much more straightforward in the airport too – once our main bags had been checked in I could keep the baby close and safe whilst holding tight to the hand of my sleepy but excited five year old.

Once we had arrived at our destination, the Integra proved to be all we needed to enjoy our family adventure. Our most exciting excursion was to Timanfaya National Park, the site of the most recent volcanic eruption on Lanzarote, where we were joining a trek through the dramatic landscape left by the lava flow.

When we’d booked they were a little sceptical about how we’d manage with a tiny baby – Orson was the youngest volcano explorer they had ever had!

After my experiences with wearing his big brother, though, I knew that there was nowhere really that was off limits. As it happened Orson spent most of the time alseep, leaving me free to enjoy the experience – and the awe and wonder on Arthur’s face.

When Orson did wake up his mind was understandably blown by his unusual surroundings – but being held close in the carrier stopped him from being too overwhelmed, and allowed me to protect him from the wind and occassional rain shower that swept across the landscape.

The other environment where babywearing was particularly useful was when we were exploring the winding streets of traditional towns in the north of Lanzarote.

Pavements were narrow or non-existent and the steps and cobblestones would have been tricky to negotiate with a pram.

And of course the Integra came in handy at more mundane moments too – making sure Orson could still sleep when we were out and about, whether whilst we were exploring during the day or in restaurants in the evening. It also meant I never had to worry about feeding him as soon as he was hungry – he often snacked on the go without us needing to stop whatever we were doing at the time.

It was really reassuring to find that, even with an additional little person in tow, we could still keep everyone happy – and we are looking forward to many more family adventures!

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