Please read all the instructions before using your Integra.

At IntegraBaby we take safety very seriously. All our carriers have been tested to meet BS EN 13209-2:2015 and 16 CFR 1226 + ASTM F2236:2014.

Please keep the following considerations in mind when using our carriers:

Your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and that of your child. Take care when bending or leaning forward. Take care when leaning sideways.

The Integra is not suitable for use during sporting activities.

The Integra is suitable for babies weighing between 3.5kg-24kg (7.5lb-52lbs).

Please see usage instructions for recommended positions for different ages.

Check your Integra before every use for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Never use a carrier with any sign of defects or damage.

Dangerous Activities – Never use your Integra during any risky activities, including but not limited to:- cycling, skiing, horseriding, swimming, cooking, running, eating hot food, drinking hot drinks, using knives or other sharp or dangerous tools, near open flames, climbing, in a moving vehicle of any kind, whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drugs etc. Use common sense at all times.

Follow the usage instructions and only use as depicted in this guide. The Integra is only intended for use on the front and on the back. Only use on the back from a minimum of 4 months of age (baby should be able to sit independently) and exercise extreme caution when learning back carries. Use the beginner’s back carry and have someone assist you at all times until you are completely confident.